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Netball South Africa
Transactional Advisor


Transaction advisor services to the Netball South Africa for the commercial and engineering transactions (the “Project”).

  1. Introduction

Netball South Africa has identified the need for commercial and engineering transactions to maximize ROI on it value to the commercialization of netball in South Africa, establishment of a Netball Arena its partners and potential partners. This project is also in line with the Institution’s strategic vision of NSA.

NSA invite proposals from a transaction advisor representing a team of suitably qualified and experienced financial, business and engineering consultant advisors to help the Institution:

Amongst other functions, to undertake a comprehensive feasibility study for the Projects, Package value propositions to improve the federations development, improve value to the partners, advice the executives on commercial transactions including infrastructure development and possibly provide advisory services for the financing of the project.

  1. Scope of work

2.1 Part 1: Undertake a comprehensive feasibility study for the Arena Project, Package value propositions to improve the federations development, improve value to the partners, advice the executives on commercial transactions including infrastructure development.

  • Full project cycle costs
  • Affordability limits
  • Risks and their costs
  • Fund raising
  • Optimal value-for-money methods of delivery.
  • Project funding options
  • Civil & structural engineering services

2.2 Part 2: The transaction advisor will have to become familiar with all background documentation and preparatory work conducted to date and shall be responsible for carrying out initial technical, financial and legal framework reviews that are deemed necessary for successful completion of the transactions, including, but not limited to:

  • Review of general functional/technical solutions,
  • Assessment of the estimated capital and operating costs
  • Review of the proposals and comparing them with current best practice, highlighting areas where the proposed solutions will increase risk (and therefore price) and making suggestions for changes in current proposals.
  • Capacity of the site, and appropriateness for the technology and performance required of the Project, o weather conditions, status of land availability, status of permissions and permits, traffic {amend as required for Project}
  • Management and construction management constraints etc.
  • Service levels and operating costs
  • Preparation of all alignment drawings and specifications (to the extent not provided in the feasibility study)
  • Review of project data, including ground conditions and geotechnics {amend as required for Project}
  • Review of capital cost estimates from feasibility study, benchmarking against our turn costs /published cost estimate data on other projects.
  • Review of operability of scheme in relation to technical specification, infrastructure, off-take demand and required levels of output, availability and safety.
  • Commentary on integration with – and linkages to network
  • Environmental impact assessments and proposed mitigation measures.
  • Designing pre-qualification and bidding procedures
  • Applying the risk matrix developed during the feasibility study, but updated to address all project issues and market context,
  • Developing and implementing a detailed financial model and developing the contract to fit the requirements of the model,

The Advisor will have to raise funds for his/ her fee. NSA does not have the funds to pay those services.

We need a demonstrated track record of a similar service.

Please send your proposals, CV of the team of experts and all company documents for compliance to on or before

15 November 2023