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The Northern Cape Diamonds found themselves on the receiving end after losing 44-45 against the Kingdom Queens this afternoon. This is shortly after the Diamonds claimed a one goal win against the Eastern Cape Comets yesterday. Both sides fired on all cylinders in a tight first half but the Queens had a couple of tricks up their sleeves which saw them create a five goal separation in the third quarter. The match went down right to the wire in a blistering last quarter, with just ten seconds left, the Diamonds missed out on an opportunity to equalize after Centre- Eska Mari Krieling was blown for offside in their shooting circle.

In other division two action, the Mpumalanga Sunbirds and the Eastern Cape Aloes look like they are the team to beat this year. The Aloes won their third successive game after beating the Comets 38-35 in the Eastern Cape derby and the Sunbirds maintained their top spot following an emphatic 52-38 victory over the Tornados. Tornados coach- Danlee Matthews lamented the lack of consistency from her girls and she also went on to highlight the challenges faced by her team, ‘’I also think the girls were intimidated by the physicality of the match and that had an impact on the execution of their passes. We are a bit disappointed with some of the stuff that happened on court but we can’t control external forces.’’

In division one, the Kingdom Stars have had a tough start in the competition and are struggling to find that elusive first win after suffering a 29-60 defeat to the Southern Stings this afternoon at the Olive Convention Centre in Durban. The Stars also suffered a huge blow after captain- Kalipa Gibisela sustained an injury yesterday against the Crinums and coach- Marguerite Rootman confirmed that she will be out for the rest of the season.

A cracker of a game between the Golden Fireballs and the Free State Crinums wrapped up the day on a high. However, the Crinums will have a different viewpoint as the match slipped through their hands in the dying minutes of the game which they ended up losing 47-46. The Fireballs are currently in possession of the bragging rights as they are the only team in the division who have not lost a game.

Full results:

 Comets 35-38 Aloes

Tornados 38-52 Sunbirds

Queens 45-44 Diamonds

Stars 29-60 Stings

Fireballs 47-46 Crinums


Sunday (01/04/2022) fixtures:

 08:00- Stars vs Flames

10:00- Queens vs Comets

12:00- Jaguars vs Crinums

14:00- Sunbirds vs Aloes

16:00- Tornados vs Baobabs

18:00- Stings vs Fireballs