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Jamaica have made the perfect start to their 2017 Fast5 World Series campaign, executing during their power play to defeat South Africa.

The Jamaicans used an 18-5 final quarter to come from behind and secure the 37-29 victory.

The two sides were evenly matched early on, with Jamaica going into the first break just one point ahead.

The second quarter was once again an arm wrestle with neither side able to gain a clear advantage, scoring five points each.

South Africa were unable to use their power-play to its full potential, however a late six-pointer to Renske Stoltz put them five points ahead at the final change of ends.

I think we didn’t play our power play very well, we needed to be further ahead, and then we just needed to put up those shots in our power play as well, I think they played their power play very well so we need to do that as well.” Maryka Holtzhausen

The South Africans moved Daencke Rohde into goal keeper in the last quarter to try and quell the influence of Jhaniele Fowler-Reid however it wasn’t enough to stop the Jamaicans as they stormed to victory.

I think we just need to relax a little bit more and maybe take the simpler shots first, and then we move out.” Says Jamaica’s centre Paula Thompson.

The Jamaicans will face host nation Australia next up and will take a lot of confidence out of their first up win as they look to improve on their 5th place finish at the 2016 tournament.


South Africa shooting statistics

Shooter 1 point goal 2 point goal 3 point supershot
Deancke Rohde 4/5 0/0 0/0
Renske Stoltz 0/0 4/9 1/1
Charmaine Baard 0/0 1/2 1/6
Maryka Holtzhausen 0/0 1/4 0/1

Jamaica shooting statistics

Shooter 1 point goal 2 point goal 3 point supershot
Jhaniele Fowler-Reid 12/12 1/4 0/2
Shanice Beckford 0/0 2/7 1/6
Shimona Nelson 2/2 1/1 0/0
Rebekah Robinson 1/1 1/5 0/0