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Netball World Cup 2023 –

Request for Proposal (“RFP”): Ticketing Services

Bid No. NWC2023/08
Bid Description Netball World Cup 2023 – Ticketing Services
Technicalreference: Name: Gerhardi Odendaal
Bid Procedures: Name: Gerhardi Odendaal
Closing time anddate for bid Time andDate: 24 June 2022, 17h00

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Netball World Cup 2023 (NWC2023)

Netball South Africa is excited to be hosting the 2023 Netball Word Cup (“NWC2023”). A Non-Profit South Africa company has been set up to manage the 2023 World Cup is in the process of securing suppliers and service providers to assist in achieving its goals.

NWC2023 is looking to work with agencies or individuals to provide a Ticketing Box Office and Ticketing Service to the event ensuring the highest level of customer service.

The successful agency or individual will positively contribute to the achievement of the Ticketing Service and Commercial Objectives for the event.

Netball has a large fan following in both the South Africa and internationally, predominantly within the Australian, New Zealand and UK markets.

NWC2023 are already aware of significant interest in tickets for the event. NWC2023 is looking to provide ticket package categories and options that will maximize customer experiences, access to tickets and commercial value fo the NWC2023.

Key statistics linked to the event are as follows:

  • Event date: 28 July – 6 August 2023
  • 16 x Nations will participate
  • 26 sessions of netball over 10 days with an opening and closing ceremony
  • Total available tickets of circa 90,000
  • Teams likely to play 7 or 8 out of 10 days.
  • Potential launch dates
    • 1st phase of ticket sales – October 2022
    • 2nd phase of ticket sales – December 2022 (after final draw)
    • 3rd phase of ticket sales – April 2023
  • We would like to be able to go to market on NWC2023 ticket options and categories as soon as possible
  • The provision of Ticketing Services to commence immediately.


The successful agency will work with NWC2023 to create a Ticketing Strategy that seeks to deliver value to all stakeholders in netball from both a commercial model and fan and travelers’ experience point of view.




Matters to consider

The key items to be covered through this proposal include but are not limited to items such as;

  • Experience in;
    • Multiday and multicategory events, International and local sales, Dynamic ticket pricing
  • Creation of;
    • ticket promotion, pricing, sales and management strategies
  • Information regarding ticketing logistics, such as
    • Ticket issuing, Ticket safety & security, Gate control, Ticket scanning, Ticket refunds & resales, Ticket cancellations and transfers
    • Ticket management of
      • VIP, Teams, Sponsors, Stakeholders & Others
      • Illegal tickets and ticket sales on the black market
    • Reporting and monitoring tools and capabilities
    • Training of staff
  • Ability to run accreditation of all forms for all possible outcomes and requirements
  • Ticketing communication to ticket holders
  • All other ad hoc services related to ticketing in a event of this nature and stature.
  • Cashless services and offerings, as well as integrations into NWC2023 products and services
  • Integration of tickets into tour packages
  • Any other web, promotion and or services Bidder seems worth integrating into the offering.


4.1       RFP Response procedure

Respondents must respond via the completion of RFP and this must be completed and submitted in terms of section 4.3 and 4.4 below.

Should you have any questions, you can contact Gerhardi Odendaal ( )or Priscilla Masisi ( )


Response must be detailed as follows;

  1. Background and Experience
  2. Ticketing Packages & Categories
  3. Sales & Distribution Strategy
  4. Scope of Services provided within a full service offering
  5. Revenue & Commercial Model
  6. Cost structure for services rendered
  7. BBBEE

Services Provider responses to the content of this RFP will be reviewed by a cross functional NWC2023  team.

High-level supplier evaluation criteria

Costs and revenue models will be important factors but equally so will be demonstrating an understanding of the event, a knowledge of the sport and an understanding of how to create an innovative and engaging customer experience for our consumer base.


A Background and Experience 75%
B Ticketing Packages & Categories
C Sales and distribution strategy
D Scope of Services provided within a full service offering
E Revenue &  Commercial Model
F Cost structure for services rendered   *


*     (see Annexure A for Ticketing Services pricing table)

Late submissions will not be accepted.

4.2       RFP Contact


For questions regarding this RFP, you are welcome to contact

Gerhardi Odendaal ( or Priscilla Masisi (

The RFP evaluation process will be performed at the sole discretion of NWC2023.  NWC2023 reserves the right in its absolute discretion not to accept any proposals and quotations, whether such quotation is shortlisted or not. Furthermore NWC2023 reserves the right to appoint multiple service providers for said services.

The shortlisting of potential service providers will be based on all information available to NWC2023 at the time of the consideration of the shortlist.

4.3 RFP Timings

Deadline for Submission: Friday 24 June 2022 17h00 (SA time)
Bidder Presentations: TBA based on invites
Awarding of Work: Friday 15 July 2022
Work to begin: On award of work
Work to be completed: On-going to conclusion of NWC2023.

4.4 Proposal Documents

The following is required of bidders and should be submitted to the department as part of the bid submission:

  • Company profile.
  • The Original Valid Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • Where BBBEE points are claimed, valid original or certified copy of BBBEE certificate or must be submitted.
  • Company registration documents (Proof of ownership/ shareholding certificate) if applicable.
  • Original Certified Company Resolution or Letter of authority or Letter of appointment authorizing the signatory of the Entity to sign the contract with the Department
  • CVs of key staff involved


The bid evaluation process consists of several stages that are applicable as defined in the table below:

Stage Description Applicable for this bid
Stage 1 Initial screening process to check compliance with bid requirements. Yes
Stage 2 Functionality requirement evaluation. Yes
Stage 3 Presentations by shortlisted candidates Yes
Stage 4 Evaluation. Yes
Stage 5 Negotiation and appointment Yes



General Terms and Conditions

  • NWC2023 reserves the right to appoint any supplier or multiple suppliers based on its own unique set of selection criteria.
  • NWC2023 reserves the right not to accept the lowest proposed rates in the RFP process and to reject any submission.
  • NWC2023 will not enter any communication regarding appointment of a Service Providers and will not be obliged to provide reasons for bidders being unsuccessful.
  • The issue of this RFP does not imply that NWC2023 is making an offer to do business with any Service Provider. NWC2023 makes no commitment and has no obligation to purchase based on this RFP.
  • NWC2023 considers all the information in this document to be confidential and should only be used for the purpose of this RFP.


  • All queries relating to the information contained in this document or process should be directed to
  • If an organisation is successful it will be required to enter into a formal agreement with Netball World Cup 2023.
  • All costs and expenses associated with the preparation of this proposal are the responsibility of the applicant, irrespective of whether the process is successful or completed.
  • The documentation is an indication of NWC2023’s need. It should not be seen as an exhaustive list of requirements. NWC2023 expects the successful applicant to work with NWC2023 to further define NWC2023’s requirements and provide additional support as and when required.
  • All information supplied by NWC2023 in connection with this RFP shall be treated as confidential by prospective parties, except that such information may be disclosed so far as is necessary for the purpose of obtaining referees and information necessary for the preparation and submission of the RFP.
  • NWC2023 must be made aware of any potential conflicts of interest at the time of submitting a proposal.
  • By submitting the RFP, NWC2023 will assume that the Party/ies has sufficient authority to enter into an agreement on behalf of the organisation and work in South Africa on behalf of NWC2023.
  • NWC2023 reserves the right to:
    • Amend the terms and conditions of the invitation to tender process,
    • Cancel the evaluation process at any stage;
    • Require the applicant to clarify its proposal in writing and/or provide additional information. (Failure to respond adequately may result in the application not being selected or proceeding to the next stage)
    • Annul the RFP process completely
    • Reject all quotes and proposals



Please submit a detailed cost proposal for providing the services requested. We welcome innovative and non- standard approaches to proposed financial arrangements in the provision of services under this RFP.

Vendors are encouraged to submit alternative pricing models, but all such submissions shall meet the proposal submission requirements contained in this RFP.

Service Description Fee Comments
 Ticketing costs to issue, for all categories    
Transaction Fees    
 Box Office Fees    
 Staff Fees    
 Gate & Access Control Fees    
 Accreditation fees    
 Cashless costs, if offered    
 Any other fees, (please elaborate)