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22 February 2024, Pretoria – The South Africa Under-21 national team will be playing in the Netball World Youth Cup 2025 Qualifiers Africa at the University of Pretoria’s Rembrandt Hall between the 18th and 23rd of March 2024. The purpose of this tournament is to qualify for the Netball World Youth Cup 2025 Gibraltar (NWYC2025).

Under-21 Head Coach Jenny van Dyk has invited a group of fifteen players to a training camp from the 22nd to 26th February 2024 at the University of Stellenbosch. During this camp, she will select her final twelve players who will ultimately represent South Africa in March.

“We will use this training camp to test the fitness levels of the players, work on our connection and combinations and set out the game plan. We will also play some practice matches against the Southern Stings, Western Cape Tornados as well as some male teams. This camp will prepare the players to perform at their best when we hit the court in March for the Netball World Youth Cup 2025 Qualifiers at the University of Pretoria. Finalising the twelve is a priority.,” said Jenny van Dyk, Under-21 Head Coach.

The players will congregate from this Thursday and undergo an intensive training session for the rest of the weekend before Coach Jenny selects a  team of twelve players including three non-travellers. The final twelve players will then come together again in March to prepare for the Netball World Youth Cup 2025 Qualifiers Africa.

The selected players for the training camp are:
Giada Prinsloo, Sunel Smit, Jade Nkureka Egwatu, Favour Kamsy Umeh, Phophi Luvhani Nematangari, Sanmari Louise Visser, Zané Bodenstein, Kyla Dames, Reratilwe Letsoalo, Karla Maria Victor, Maria Magaritha du Raan, Lisa Ingwersen, Renezia Andrews, Jade Morgan Atkins, Olukemi Amarachi Agbai; Syntiche Kabuya.

More information about and around the Netball World Youth Cup 2025 Qualifiers Africa will be communicated in due course.