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Johannesburg, South Africa: The 2024 edition of the Telkom Netball League is in its final Power Week, and it promises to be an exciting week of matches as teams are vying for the top four spots in their respective divisions. The last group stage matches will be played until Sunday (16 June) as the competition reaches the end of the pool stages.

In a tantalizing close encounter, The Lilies pushed to secure their first win of the tournament. However, in what was a thrilling third quarter, they only managed to level the score at 41-41, showcasing their determination and grit. The Limpopo side meticulously analysed their errors, and this was apparent in their improved performance on the court. However, despite their commendable efforts, the Diamonds clinched the victory by a margin of five goals.

In a tough coastal battle between the Eastern Cape Comets and Western Cape Tornados, the Comets resumed where they left off and secured another victory. Zandile Njeza’s team has played 14 matches, winning 13 and losing only one, cementing their place at the top of the Division B standings with a 13-goal gap.

In a thrilling match, KD Stars once again showed their dominance over the Mpumalanga Sunbirds, proving that their previous victory was no stroke of luck. Led by Precious Mthembu, the team displayed their exceptional skills and determination. Phindile Sithole’s outstanding performance earned her the Player of the Match title for the second time this season.

KD Stars wore black armbands to honour a fallen netball hero, Mrs. Phindile Thusini, the chairperson of Zululand Netball District Association and KZN Netball Director of Events, who tragically lost her life in a car accident on Wednesday, June 12, 2024. Our heartfelt condolences go out to her family and the netball community.

Stings had a tough day in the office playing against the defending champs the Jaguars. The Jaguars appeared rattled in the first quarter, however, came back to suffocate the stings with a 20-goal lead at the end of the match. The Jags will now prepare for their final round-robin match which will be against a tough crinums side.

The thrilling final match of the day pitted the Fireballs against the Crinums. The Golden Fireballs achieved a major upset against the Crinums in an intense battle, delivering a stunning performance. Despite losing the first quarter, the Fireballs dominated the second, third, and fourth quarters with a formidable display of defensive capabilities and a clinical offensive strategy. The Gauteng side maintained possession, precision, and accuracy, ultimately securing a well-deserved 49-47 victory.

Full Results
Sonoblomo 54-35 KD Queens
Lillies 53-58 Diamonds
Comets 52-39 Tornados
KD Stars 54-31 Sunbirds
Stings 46-66 Jaguars
Fireballs 49-47 Crinums

(14 June 2024) Fixtures
08:00 KD Queens vs Lillies
10:00 Tshukudu vs Comets
12:00 Diamonds vs Sonoblomo
14:00 Sunbirds vs Tornados
16:00 Crinums vs Flames
18:00 Baobabs vs Fireballs