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Netball South Africa’s philosophy and vision of “taking netball back to the people” has gained significant momentum since the launch of the Twizza Netball Club Championships (TNCC) in 2021.

Now in its third year, the championships have provided a platform for netball players to develop their skills in a competitive environment, aiming to be identified and progress to senior competitions. This tournament not only offers development opportunities for players but also allows coaches, umpires, and administrators to highlight their abilities at a competitive level.

During its inaugural year, Tuks (ladies) and Brothers (men), both Gauteng-based clubs, dominated the championships and secured gold medals. In 2022, De Tyger (ladies) from the Western Cape and Ocean Predators (men) from KZN emerged as the winners.

The Twizza Netball Club Championships have played a vital role in the advancement of various players. Edward Manyathela from Rising Stars in Limpopo (Best Overall Male Player for 2021) has become part of the Men’s National Team. Princess Kanetsi and Ziyeza Mjoji, both from Matat in the Eastern Cape, were recognized as the Best Goal Shooter and Best Defender in 2021, respectively. They currently represent the Eastern Cape’s Comets and Aloes, respectively, in the Telkom Netball League. Kylie van Wyk (Tuks), who was awarded Best Overall Female Player in 2021, is now a member of the Gauteng Jaguars. Sicelo Gamede, a Men’s National Defender, coached the Ocean Predators in the 2022 National Netball Club Championships, leading them to the finals and clinching their first title.

TNCC begins at the district level, with approximately twenty clubs per district participating in their respective leagues. The winning men’s and women’s clubs from the District Championships then advance to the Provincial Championships. The winners of each provincial tournament compete in the National Championships to determine the top club in South Africa for both men and women.

The Twizza Netball Club District Championships are currently underway, while the Provincial Championships are scheduled to take place throughout August and early September 2023. The National Championships will be held in Gqeberha from 22nd to 25th September.

“Netball in South Africa is experiencing a fantastic year as we approach the Vitality Netball World Cup in Cape Town, starting on 28th July. Twizza is an integral part of this journey, and we are immensely grateful to have a partner committed to the sport’s growth at all levels. The opportunities created by the Twizza Netball Club Championships are invaluable, ensuring the continued vitality of our competitive netball and enabling us to identify future national players,” said Cecilia Molokwane, Netball South Africa President.

The Twizza Netball Club Championships still strive to achieve a few objectives. These include nurturing grassroots netball at the club level, discovering netball talent across the country, and providing a consistent competition for all players in South Africa.

Lance Coertzen, Twizza’s Group Marketing Manager, stated, “As a proudly South African company, Twizza started this championship with the aim to provide young, local talent an opportunity to shine, and compete in a healthy environment. We take great pride in the success of this initiative for the past two years and look forward to another great year filled with many Twizza moments.”

“Growth and professionalisation of the sport take time and require collaborative efforts. We cannot accomplish this task alone; we need partners to reach our goals. We are delighted with the progress we have made so far and will continue pushing forward. I encourage all our players to seize this opportunity and make the most of it. This is for you, and this is your chance,” concluded Molokwane.

As part of really focusing on development and growing the sport, Netball South Africa ensured that all national, provincial and district players including all former national players and current one or squad players are not allowed to participate in this Championships as part of growth.

#TakingNetballBackToThePeople NSA is doing what was promised. 52 districts and almost 2000 clubs involved!

Clubs interested in participating in the 2024 Twizza Netball Club Championships can contact Netball South Africa for more information.