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Johannesburg, South Africa: A day filled with emotion as certain teams have advanced to the finals, while others have had to bid farewell and return home. The matches today were incredibly intense, keeping us on the edge of our seats and leaving us eagerly anticipating the finals on Wednesday.

The Diamonds truly deserve recognition for their exceptional growth throughout the tournament. Their victory over the Queens displayed a remarkable level of maturity and skill that surpassed all expectations. The Diamonds emerged triumphant with a final score of 53-46, leaving the Queens with valuable takeaways and numerous important lessons to learn from.

The first semi-final of the day raised the bar high. The match between the Eastern Cape Comets and the Sunbirds was fiercely competitive, with relentless defence from the Comets and the Sunbirds refusing to give up. This led the match to go into extra time. Both teams fought hard until the end, testing their character and patience. Eventually, the Comets emerged victorious.

The KD Stars will face the Comets in the Division B final in the last match on Tuesday, June 18th, after a superb battle. Stars’ careful and calculated game against the Tornados proved to be a winner, albeit by one goal. Their victory secured them the last spot in the B-section final.

Whoever wins the Division final will then play the relegation/promotion game against the Baobabs who occupy the last spot in the A- section.

In the first A division semi-final, the defending champions, the Jaguars, played against the Western Cape Stings. The Stings came out blazing in the first half of the game, but the Jaguars proved to be the hungrier side, securing a spot in the final. Rozanne Matthyse made several changes, and it was Kamo Maseko who showcased her quality as a player and her ability to influence the game. As a result, the Jaguars will play in their 11th consecutive TNL final, while the Stings will battle for the bronze medal.

In the highly anticipated second Division A semi-final, the stage was set for a compelling clash between two former teammates turned rival coaches (Dr Elsje Jordaan and Martha Mosoahle-Samm). The Fireballs went head-to-head with the Crinums, with both teams bringing their A-game to the table. The Fireballs strategically bolstered their lineup with the experienced duo of Nomfundo Mngomezulu and Milla Coetzee for this crucial match. Earlier in the week, the Fireballs emerged victorious against the Crinums, giving them a psychological advantage. On the other hand, the Crinums entered the match on the back of consecutive losses, adding to the intensity of the encounter.

Despite the challenges, the Crinums stuck to their initial squad, with Karla Pretorious effectively leading the team. In a standout performance, Zandri Fourie exhibited exceptional skill, earning the title of the player of the match.

Action will be live from The Ellis Park Arena starting at 10 am.

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Full Day Results

Queens 46-53 Diamonds

Division B – SEMI-FINAL 1
Comets 50-48 Sunbirds (In extra time)

Division B – SEMI-FINAL 2
KD Stars 38-37 Tornados

Division A – SEMI-FINAL 1
Jaguars 48-46 Stings

Division A – SEMI-FINAL 2
Fireballs vs Crinums

Tuesday (18 June) Fixtures:

10:00|Division B – PLAYOFF POSITION 5/6| vs
12:00|Division A – PLAYOFF POSITION 5/6| vs
14:00|Division B – PLAYOFF POSITION 3/4| vs
16:00|Division A – PLAYOFF POSITION 3/4| vs
18:00|Division B – FINAL|Comets vs KD Stars