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A sunny morning in Hamilton. Breakfast is amazing as always (me and Lenize’s favourite). Strapping done and we’re on our way to training. It’s a 30 minute drive to the courts with Nicole (coach) at the wheel of our COOL bus and Nisha (our team manager) driving the other team bus. Morning training was good, worked hard at our goals and focusing on tomorrow’s game.  At lunch, we had some time to wander the streets of Hamilton, finding a nice place to sit and have something to re-fuel, for our next session. Back to the netball, we had some pressure (from our amazing defence) at training, that helped us refine and shape our attack.  Never to old to learn, constantly growing and attaining knowledge for whatever may come. Nande’s (physiotherapist) always keen to help us to warm down! It was a good day! Tomorrow is GAME DAY! Excited for another opportunity to play the sport we love so dearly.”

by Lindie Lombard