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Q: Are you excited about going to Australia for the Fast5 World Series?
EJ: “Yes I am extremely excited to be going to Australia, once again.”

Q: What is different about how you prepare your team for this format of the game?
EJ: “Although the basis of the game is still the same, Fast5 favours the attacking game. Our preparation is very much focused on how to utilise all the attacking space that is available and to move the ball with speed and accuracy. We’ll try to score as much during power plays, but to always make sure that we score when we at our end. Our defence focus on shutting down the attacking space as far as possible and to utilise defensive rebounds that is available, especially the 2 and 3-pointers.”

Q: Are you looking forward to the support?
EJ: “We are excited to be part of the first Fast5 World Series that is hosted in Australia and we do expect a lot of support, since the Ausies are known for their support and love for the game. So we expect that the fans will be supporting the energy and the creative play all countries on display.”

Q: What can the fans (of the SA Fast5 team and the competition as a whole) expect from that weekend of Netball?
EJ: “We want to contribute to the World Series by bringing our own, truly South African style of netball. Since we are known as the rainbow nation, we will be adding as much as colour, flair, energy and competitiveness to the series as possible. We are passionate about our country and this beautiful game, so we will be giving it our all. We will try to add as much excitement and energy to the series, so fans can be treated and spoiled with a brilliant, Fast5 World Series.”