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The seventh edition of the Fast5 Netball World Series takes place this weekend in Christchurch, New Zealand. Here is everything you need to know from a South African perspective.

The first three years was known as FastNet and was held in England 2009-2011. The next three years were held in Auckland, New Zealand 2012-2014. 2016-2018 it was held in Melbourne, Australia. Netball New Zealand will host the FAST5 Netball World Series from 2022 until 2024. The 2022 and 2023 tournaments will be played in Christchurch. Uganda will compete in their first tournament and will join South Africa, England, Jamaica, Australia and New Zealand.

Only two teams have lifted the trophy – New Zealand seven times and England twice.

Competition Records:
Biggest win: 34 goals (New Zealand 52-18 Jamaica, 2012) & (Malawi 46-12 Jamaica, 2016)
Most goals in a match: 89 (New Zealand 58-31 South Africa, 2013)
Most goals by a team: 58 (New Zealand 58-31 South Africa, 2013)
Least goals in a match: 37 (Jamaica 21-16 England, 2011)
Least goals by a team: 8 (Australia 30-8, South Africa, 2014)

South Africa did not compete in the first year of FastNet (2009) as they were ranked outside the top-six.
Their final standings were:
2010 (Liverpool) = 6th (FastNet)
2011 (Liverpool) = 5th (FastNet)
2012 (Auckland) = 3rd (Fast5 NWS)
2013 (Auckland) = 4th (Fast5 NWS)
2014 (Auckland) = 5th (Fast5 NWS)
2016 (Melbourne) = 6th (Fast5 NWS)
2017 (Melbourne) = 5th (Fast5 NWS)
2018 (Melbourne) = 6th (Fast5 NWS)

South Africa has played a total of 50 matches, winning 14, losing 35 and one draw (against England).

The 14 wins were over Malawi (six times), Jamaica (three), Fiji (two) and Australia (two) and England (one).

South Africa is yet to beat New Zealand. The closest they came within a victory against the Fast5 Ferns was a three goal loss in 2018.

South Africa’s records:
Biggest win: 25 goals (South Africa 45-20 Jamaica, 2014)
Biggest defeat: 33 goals (New Zealand 52-19 South Africa, 2013)
Most goals scored: 48 (South Africa 48-34 Malawi, 2012)
Least goals scored: 8 (Australia 30-8 South Africa, 2014)
Most goals conceded: 58 (New Zealand 58-31 South Africa, 2013)
Least goals conceded: 17 (South Africa 23-17 Fiji, 2011) & (South Africa 28-17 Malawi, 2017).

Martha Mosahle-Samm is in her first year as head coach. The team was previous coached by Dorette Badenhorst (2018),  Elsjé Jordaan (2016 and 2017), Elize Kotzé (2011 and 2014), Lana Krige (2012 and 2013) and Carin Strauss (2010). Krige has the best winning percentage with 43%, closely followed by Kotzé with 42%.

Jeanie Steyn is the new captain. She is the sixth player to lead the team and follows in the footsteps of Shadine van der Merwe (2018), Lauren-Lee Christians (2016 and 2017), Maryka Holtzhausen (2013-2014), Simi Mdaka (2012) and Amanda Mynhardt (2010-2011).

The team has had the best winning percentage (57%) under Mdaka.

A total of 47 players have represented South Africa before.

The 10 player squad for 2022 will make their debut for the SA Fast5 team are: Shannen Bartlett, Xandri Fourie, Didintle Keebine, Owethu Ngubane, Refiloe Nketsa (VC), Zandré Smit, Nicola Smith, Jeanie Steyn (C), Jeanté Strydom and Nicholé Taljaard.

Maryka Holtzhausen with six tournaments (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2017) is the most experience South African player in Fast5 netball.

The 2022 FAST5 Netball World Series will be broadcast on Your World of Champions SuperSport Variety 4 (Channel 209) on 5 and 6 November. South Africa’s matches as follows (all times SAST):

Saturday 5 November 2022
03:00 England vs South Africa
05:15 South Africa vs Australia
08:15 South Africa vs Jamaica

Sunday 6 November 2022
02:30 New Zealand vs South Africa
05:30 Uganda vs South Africa
*The playoffs and medal matches will be played at 07:10, 08:00 and 08:50

See the full broadcast schedule

Some quick rules
Substitutions: FAST5 includes rolling substitutions, which means a change can be made at any stage of the game, during breaks or during play.

Power Play: The last 90 seconds of playing time in each quarter is designated as the ‘Power Play Period’ for both teams. During the ‘Power Play Period’ all goals scored a doubled.

Centre Passes: All centre passes will be taken by the team that did not score the last goal. The coin toss at the start of the game determine which team takes the first centre pass in each quarter. The coin toss winner: Chooses the centre pass in either the 1st and 3rd quarters or 2nd and 4th quarters. The coin toss loser: Takes the first centre pass in the quarters not chosen by the winning team.

Goal Scoring: There are three different scoring zones in FAST5. Inner circle (3,5m) for 1 point. Outer circle (3,5m-4,9m) for 2 points. Goal third for the Super Shot 3 points.

Timing: Four six-minute quarters with a four-minute interval at halftime and two-minute intervals after the first and third quarters.

The Team: In FAST5 there’s only five playing positions with two shooters (GS and GA), two defenders (GK and GD) and one midcourter (C).

Click here to download the 2020 Fast5 Rules in English

Meet the captains and coaches for the 2022 FAST5 Netball World Series.