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The Free State Crinums and KwaZulu-Natal Kingdom Stars encounter was nothing short of electrifying in the afternoon, with the Crinums coming into the game looking to continue with their winning momentum. The Kingdom Stars got the match underway, scoring an early goal but it wasn’t enough to keep their scoring tally going, with only 7 goals scored, while Crinums collected 12 goals on the opposite side.

The encounter proved to be an exhilarating affair as both teams fought valiantly for control of the match as the game went on. Crinums showcased their attacking skills through Lefebre Rademan and Rolene Streukter, executing their attacking strategies flawlessly, leaving Kingdom Stars with little room to mount a comeback. Crinums took charge of the proceedings with an impressive 16 goals, while Kingdom Stars struggled to match their opponents’ intensity, managing to go into the break with 11 goals.

Heading into the third quarter with 10 goals behind, Kingdom Stars provided a glimmer of hope for their supporters when they scored an early goal from their center pass. However, this initial breakthrough did not turn out to be their scoring momentum. Crinums’ defensive unit, in particular, played a pivotal role in stifling Stars’ attacking efforts, denying them any significant scoring opportunities.

In the second last game of the day, the Limpopo Lilies took on the Eastern Cape Comets in an intense netball matchup. The game had a fluctuating pace, with both teams displaying their skills and determination on the court. However, it was the Comets who commanded the proceedings throughout the first half, ultimately securing a convincing victory with a final scoreline of 60-23.

Right from the beginning, the Comets showed their dominance, maintaining a steady lead over the Lilies. The Goal Attack duo of Mihlali Mgweba and Princess Kanetsi proved to be a formidable force, exhibiting their sharp shooting skills and making it difficult for the Lilies’ defense to contain them. Their impressive performance was complemented by Goal Defender Du Toit Kelly, who had previously won the player of the match award. Together, they set the tone for the Comets’ early success.

As the second quarter came to a close, the Comets had established a commanding lead of 20 goals, leaving the Limpopo team trailing with only 4 goals on the board. Despite their best efforts, the Lilies struggled to break through the strong defensive line of the Comets and convert their opportunities into points.

The third quarter saw a slight slowdown in intensity, providing the Lilies with a chance to regroup and mount a comeback. Although they managed to score more goals in this quarter compared to the previous ones, the Lilies were still unable to close down the significant gap. Goal Attack Nompha Raphalalani of the Lilies played a pivotal role in this quarter, actively participating in the game outside the circle to collect the ball and create scoring opportunities.

The Gauteng derby concluded the day’s matches with a thrilling contest in which the clash between the Gauteng Fireball and the Gauteng Jaguars at the Heartfelt arena was action packed. From the first whistle, it was evident that this was going to be a heated battle, the Jaguars started off strong and scored the first goal of the match from their first center pass. The Fireballs, however, quickly found their rhythm and began playing long balls into the circle from the final third. Their strategic approach paid off as they started closing the gap and took the lead going into the first quarter break with a scoreline of 14-9.

Coming back in the second quarter, the Jaguars struggled a bit to convert their opportunities in the circle, with the ball rebounding off the rim several times, giving the Fireballs defenders Boitumelo Mahloko and Monica Gomases a chance to intercept. The Jaguars’ defense, on the other hand, worked tirelessly to deal with the oncoming Fireballs’ attacks, but Kamogelo Maseko and Alice Kennon found opportunities to shoot and tallied up 17 goals to 30.

The Jaguars were more energetic in the third when they made crucial changes in their lineup. Maseko was shifted from goal attack to wing attack, while Griesel Izette moved from wing attack to goal attack. The Fireballs’ goal shooters Tinita Van Dyk and Nomfundo Mngomezulu proved to be incredibly precise with their shooting, consistently finding the back of the net. However, the Jaguars managed to score more goals in the quarter, closing the gap by scoring 13 goals, meanwhile the Fireballs only put 8 in the net.

The final quarter of the match intensified and saw the Jaguars fixed on turning the tide in their favor. Unfortunately for them, the Champions side were equally determined to maintain their lead, the defensive duo of Boitumelo Mahloko and Gomases were exceptional in their ability to turn over possession by intercepting the Jaguars’ passes. With just five minutes remaining on the clock, the Jaguars came dangerously close to closing the gap, applying immense pressure on the reigning champions, but Coach Elsje Jordaan’s team dug deep, displaying their championship mentality, and managed to hold on to their slim lead until the final whistle, winning by 45-44. Monica Gomases, the Fireballs’ goal defender, was rightfully awarded the player of the match for her outstanding interceptions and defensive prowess throughout the game.


Day 2 of the Telkom Netball League witnessed an exhilarating match between the Kingdom Queens from KwaZulu-Natal who brushed aside Sonoblomo from the Free State 44-32. The Queens came out with a strong and fast attack, aiming to take control of the game and dictate the pace from the first whistle.

The first quarter proved to be an end-to-end action-packed affair, with both teams taking turns in attack. In a remarkable comeback, Sonoblomo managed to overcome the early onslaught by Coach Magda Du Plessis’ troops and emerged victorious in the first quarter, with a score of 13-10. The second quarter witnessed a tight contest between the two teams, the Kingdom Queens showcased their resilience and fought their way back to find the lead, which they eventually did with five minutes left to play in the quarter.

The Queens managed to hold on to their lead and finished the quarter with a narrow one-point advantage. As the game progressed into the third quarter, the KwaZulu-Natal defense stepped up their game, preventing the Sonoblomo shooters, Groenewald Elri and PienaarBianca from gaining easy access to the circle. Thulisile Nhleko’s outstanding performance in converting chances and contributions in the shooting area earned her the well-deserved title of Player of the Match.

The improved defensive performance proved to be crucial for the KwaZulu-Natal team as they managed to put ten goals into the net, while Sonoblomo struggled to keep up and only scored six goals in the third quarter. Entering the final quarter, Sonoblomo’s performance started to falter due to their decision-making in the final third of the court. In contrast, the Kingdom Queens capitalized on their opponent’s mistakes and dominated the last quarter. With Thulisile Nhleko, the goal attack and goal shooter Tamika Baker, the Kingdom Queens scored an impressive 13 goals while Sonoblomo could only manage 6.

The Northern Cape Diamonds clashed with second placed Tornados in the second round of Friday’s six game thriller and delivered a spectacle that left the crowd in cheers. The final score stood at 47-37 in favor of the Tornados, but the match was filled with intense moments and exceptional performances from both teams.

The Diamonds’ goal attack, Andiswa Dlamini entered the game as the player of the match from her previous outstanding performance. Similarly, the Tornados’ goalkeeper, Adendorf Lauren, had also earned the player of the match accolade from her previous game. With such talented individuals on the court, the first quarter witnessed a fierce battle, with both sides displaying tenacity and determination. Tornados managed to secure a slight advantage, ending the quarter with a score of 13-8 in their favor.

When the teams returned for the second quarter, the Tornados showed renewed energy and determination with a gallant performance from their center and wing attack, as they displayed remarkable combinations and effectively pushed forward. While the Diamonds initially felt the pressure, they quickly regrouped and managed to match Tornados’ offensive efforts. The scoreboard showed an equal number of goals for both teams, with 14 apiece, leaving the game tightly balanced heading into halftime.

The third quarter saw the Tornados start off strong, displaying their intent to extend their lead. However, the Diamonds were not willing to back down without a fight. With a crucial intercept, the Diamonds were able to score the opening goal of the quarter, narrowing the gap and putting the Tornados under intense pressure. The Diamonds’ determination to overturn the center passes and ignite their attacking prowess was evident. The court became a battlefield as the Diamonds fought hard to close the gap, intensifying the competition and keeping the spectators captivated.

Entering the final quarter, the Tornados switched up the tempo, aiming to assert their dominance and secure a resounding victory. Their defensive unit showcased remarkable skills, denying the Diamonds any opportunity to move from the middle of the court into their attacking half. The Tornados’ wing defender, Coraizin Amber, put on a stellar performance, making crucial interceptions and disrupting the Diamonds’ offensive flow. Her exceptional contribution earned her the well-deserved player of the match award.

The match between the Limpopo Baobabs and the Mpumalanga Sunbirds was an intense and heated battle that saw the Baobabs emerge victorious with a final score of 49-43. The Division 2 log leaders started off the match with a burst of energy, utilizing their center passes effectively and swiftly gained an advantage over the Sunbirds, taking an early lead in the first quarter. With three minutes remaining in the first quarter, both teams were level on goals scored, but it was the Sunbirds that applied relentless pressure on the opposition allowing them to walk off in the first quarter with a one point lead.

When the teams returned for the second quarter, the Sunbirds aimed to maintain their lead with the ball frequently finding its way into their attacking circle, but unfortunately for them, their shooters struggled to find the net. The Baobabs’ defensive duo of Mupenda Cornelia and Ramurwalo Modjadji took advantage of these missed shots, relentlessly pounding on the rebound and denying the Sunbirds crucial scoring opportunities. The Limpopo Baobabs mounted an impressive comeback, winning the quarter with an impressive 85% goal percentage.

In the third quarter, the Sunbirds made some strategic changes to their defense, shifting Matjiu Jessica from center to wing attack. This adjustment added a new dynamic to their play, and the quarter became a showcase of defensive brilliance from both teams. The Baobabs and the Sunbirds engaged in a closely contested battle, each team fiercely fighting for every goal.

As the match reached its final quarter, the tension and excitement in the arena reached its peak. The Sunbirds made a remarkable comeback, closing the gap and taking the lead. However, their moment of triumph was short-lived as the Baobabs swiftly fired up their attack and tightened their defense. The Limpopo team fought tooth and nail to regain control of the game and eventually closed the game off with 6 points ahead.

Kingdom Queens 44-32 Sonoblomo
Tornados 47-37 Diamonds
Baobabs 49-43 Sunbirds
Crinums 59-33 Stars
Lilies 23-60 Comets
Jaguars 44-45 Fireballs