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SPAR Proteas newcomer, Jeanté Strydom (26), is eagerly anticipating the Netball World Cup, ready to seize this incredible opportunity with all her might. After impressing SPAR Proteas coach Norma Plummer as part of the President’s XII team during the SPAR Diamond Challenge in 2022, Jeanté earned her spot in the national squad. Now, she proudly stands as a member of South Africa’s Netball World Cup team, set to represent the country at the pinnacle of netball’s biggest event.

Jeanté’s international success continues to shine, having clinched a silver medal with the SA FAST5 Team in early November last year. Furthermore, her talents were recognized as she recently signed with New Zealand’s Southern Steel, preparing to compete in the ANZ Premiership in 2024. Notably, Jeanté contributed to the success of the Gauteng Golden Fireballs in this year’s Telkom Netball League, securing a commendable bronze medal.

As the team readies itself to face the world in Cape Town, we caught up with Jeanté for an insightful Q&A session.

What went through your mind when you heard you were part of the Netball World Cup team?
“First of all, it was very mixed emotions. Obviously, I was very excited when I heard my name. It was first disbelief because it’s been so many times that you actually try out and try to get into a team and your name is not being called out. So, you are immensely proud and honoured to be called out. But also, a little bit of sadness because the girls that was in the team and in the rest of the squad that didn’t make it, you know how hard they work. So, it is sad to see their disappointment as well because you went through that as well previously. So, it was mixed feelings. But most of all, I was excited, happy, proud, and disbelief.”

What are you looking forward to?
“The World Cup. For me, I very much look forward to playing with a team that’s full of netball legends. One of my goals was to make the SPAR Protea team while Karla, Shadine, Lenize, all those big players, Bongi, Phumza, are still playing. So, for me, I am really looking forward to play with them in a team. And obviously to play on home soil is also a big deal for me.”

Any specific teams or players that you’re looking forward to facing?
“I’m looking forward to face Jamaica. They have a lot of experience playing a lot of the players play in Australia. So, I’m looking forward to play against them. It is going to be a hard, tough game. And also, England, I think that’s one of the games that I am looking forward to as well.”

You’re not new to international netball. You played for the SA FAST5 Team last year and won a silver medal. Tell us about that experience and how that has helped you prepare for the Netball World Cup?
“Every chance you get to play internationally, I think that’s exceptionally good for a player to get that experience. I felt that really helped me to go further and get experience to actually reach the SPAR Protea team. FAST5 overall was very fun. It was the most fun I had playing netball since now. So, it was just fun.”

Tell us about the dynamics in the team at the moment. What is really working well for you being part of this team?
“Everybody is welcoming, and everybody wants to actually get along. So off court is just as important as on court. So, we’re really trying to get that bond, that connection off court as well so that we can perform on court as well. But overall, it’s very good. It is high, the energy. It’s amazing.”

If South Africa should get a podium finish, what would be the first thing you would do?
“I think we will obviously go out and celebrate. I think that would be the first thing to do. Obviously, we will give glory to God because he has carried us so far through this journey, each and every one of us. But as a team, I think we will celebrate together and actually go out and just make a good night of it.”

South Africa start their Netball World Cup campaign on Friday 28 July 2023. Some key dates and times:

Preliminary Fixtures Stage 1
Friday 28 July
16:00 Opening Ceremony
18:00 South Africa vs Wales

Saturday 29 July
16:00 South Africa vs Sri Lanka

Sunday 30 July 
18:00 Jamaica vs South Africa

Preliminary Stage 2 fixtures to be announced closer to the time. Watch South Africa’s matches LIVE on SuperSport Variety 4 and SABC Sport.