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As a successful opening weekend of Brutal Fruit Netball Premier League action came to an end in Johannesburg over the weekend,

Netball South Africa announced that their President, Cecilia Molokwane, will attend the 7th IWG World Conference on Women in Sport this week.

Molokwane will be joined by delegates from across the globe in Gaborone, Botswana where the conference takes place from 17-20 May.

“It’s an international women’s conference – the leading women in sport around the world,” explained Molokwane, adding that one of the conference speakers from Canada had attended Brutal Fruit Netball Premier League matches at Ellis Park Arena over the weekend.

“We can’t look forward to always going to conferences that are not women-related,” she said. “So we have to change our mind-set to say this is women-related. It’s about women going to speak in a platform where women are free, talking to each other and giving each other advice on how to penetrate this domination of a man’s world.

“Look at your IOC, predominantly men, look at your Commonwealth committee, predominantly men. I’m talking about big committees that are controlling sport in the world. If we stick together as women and we believe in each other, it’s going to help us a lot. Networking, knowing what other women are doing in their countries to be where they are and how we can help each other. You become better by lifting each other up so I think we will lift each other up in Botswana,” added Molokwane.

Meanwhile, Brutal Fruit Netball Premier League action will continue this week with round two taking place at Ellis Park Arena, starting with a clash between the Gauteng Jaguars and the Limpopo Baobabs at 4pm on Friday, 18 May.