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Netball South Africa would like to distance themselves from the newly established Netball Super League (NSL) which hosted their Players Auction this past Friday 06thNovember 2020 in Johannesburg. This league is not endorsed by the federation due to non-compliance.

Following the meeting held between Netball South Africa, Gauteng Netball, Gauteng Schools Netball and Netball Super League representatives, some documents were requested from the NSL before they could launch. This was not done, and no paperwork was submitted, therefore no endorsement was granted.

“As Netball South Africa we would like to categorically state that NSL is not supported nor endorsed by us. We have had a meeting with them, and we requested information from them, and they refused to submit, we subsequently told them that we cannot endorse this league until the right things are done. As the President, I must state that we are disappointed in the leadership of NSL for having had gone ahead in launching this league without ticking all the boxes. I don’t think that this would happen in any other sporting code,” Cecilia Molokwane, Netball South Africa President.

Molokwane concluded by saying “to all the registered players and coaches who are involved or want to get involved with NSL, just know that this league is not endorsed by Netball South Africa. We have nothing against entities that want to help us grow the sport of netball, however we have a problem with those that want to cut corners.”