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Netball South Africa (NSA) which is the governing body for the sport of netball in South Africa is looking to recruit a Chief Executive Officer who would be responsible for supervision and in charge of all Strategic and Business aspects of Netball South Africa.

Job Title: Chief Executive Officer – Netball South Africa
Reporting to: Netball South Africa Executive Board
Primary Location: Netball South Africa Offices, Arcadia Pretoria
Contract Type: Limited Duration Contract of Employment
Start Date: 01 November 2021
Gross Package: Negotiable

The successful candidate will be responsible for running the daily operations of Netball South Africa office, they must be able to identify, action and achieve the desired outcomes of Netball South Africa’s Executive Board. The goal is to drive the organisation in all areas of netball nationally and internationally.

The CEO will have the responsibility of ensuring that the vision and mission as envisaged in Netball South Africa’s memorandum of incorporation and constitution is consistently achieved. To fulfil this purpose, the CEO must ensure that NSA is financially secure and has clear management and governance policies.

The CEO must provide high quality leadership in support of the Board and the staff to ensure that NSA is an efficient and effective body that meets appropriate best practice standards as a highly respected community-based sport organisation.

NSA CEO will be expected to manage and oversee the delivery of the following key duties:

Leadership and Stakeholder Management

  • Provide strong, effective leadership, vision, direction, and oversight of all NSA programmes by uniting and motivating NSA staff, stakeholder groups, volunteers, and the Netball community throughout NSA.
  • Ensure the development and adoption of NSA vision, culture and strategy are owned by key stakeholders
  • Assume the overall responsibility for the management of the day-to-day operations of NSA, driving and developing the business in line with the strategic direction
  • Build NSA reputation as a first-class service organisation, driving and developing a service culture across the organisation as whole
  • Ensure the optimal development and promotion of all NSA activities, services and programmes while building the profile of NSA through strong brand communication and robust marketing alliances
  • Provide effective and active representation of NSA at all levels from grassroots to professional netball
  • Develop and enhance relationships with NSA stakeholders to further develop NSA into a netball entity of the future

    Strategy and Planning 

  • Lead the development and implementation of NSA Strategic Plan with focus on alignment to High Performance “Whole of Netball” strategic plan
  • Planning and policy – initiate, develop, contribute to, and implement whole of business strategy, policies, and practices


  • Winning teams – provide the foundation for NSA teams to perform to the best of their ability. Ensure strategies and practices are in place to provide the optimum performance NSA teams in all competitions.
  • Grow the game – maintain netball as the first-choice sport for girls and women in South Africa. Implement strategies and practices to grow the participation base and provide pathways for players, coaches, umpires, officials and administrators of all ages, genders, and cultures throughout South Africa.
  • Through innovation, continue to strengthen the appeal of the game of netball and its appeal to players, officials, and spectators

    Financial Management 

  • Establish a culture of accountability and innovative thinking to gain maximum return on Investment
  • Develop stable and diverse revenue streams that underpin the delivery of NSA programs, services, and activities to ensure NSA is always in a sound financial position with prudent management of expenditure and clear strategies for deriving appropriate income
  • In conjunction with the Board, manage NSA operations in a transparent, efficient, and profitable way and ensure the Board are kept appraised of all pertinent financial information and that clear, concise reporting is always available

    People Leadership

  • Recruit, train, develop and lead a team capable of leading NSA into the future
  • Maintain and model a strong people focus on all dealings with internal and external personnel
  • Set up and monitor succession planning within the Zone
  • Lead and develop all direct reports and set objectives, goals and develop plans that contribute to achievement of NSA strategic plan
  • Coach and support all personnel within NSA to enhance and develop their leadership ability
  • Ensure human resource policies and practices are maintained in accordance with appropriate standards that will in turn ensure NSA is a good employer as defined by law

    The CEO will be expected to do the following:

  • To devote all his/her working time, attention and ability to the business and affairs of the Organization, in his/her capacity as CEO.
  • To always promote the best interests of the Organization and ensure that the required systems and processes are in place for its effective operation.
  • To investigate and implement cost-saving measures.
  • To implement restructuring where appropriate, with the consent of the Board, who’s consent may not be unreasonably withheld.
  • To travel to any national or international Netball related events, when deemed appropriate by his/her position.
  • To responsibly manage the Organization’s budgeting and financial responsibilities.
  • To attend to the Organization’s strategic needs.
  • To manage the Organization’s staffing and contractor procurement and ensure same is in accordance with the Organization’s best interests.
  • To attend, where possible, all Organization and industry functions and events.
  • To attend, where possible, all strategic and executive meetings of the Organization.
  • To ensure that industry-related compliancy levels are met.
  • To identify risks that have the potential to negatively impact on the Organization and advise the board on solutions for such risks.
  • To keep the Executive / Board Members informed of any information that they require by providing requested reports in a timely fashion.
  • Always comply with the NSA Constitution and Policies and Procedures.
  • Manage the services of the accountant, VAT, Tax, salaries, and PAYE – all accounting processes.
  • Accounting to our auditors.
  • Dealing with all international communication requests.
  • Investigating and providing opportunities for new competitions and relationships with global partners and stakeholders.
  • Assisting our business partners to find sponsors and investors.
  • The appointment and management of service providers.
  • Look for ways to positively improve the Organisation and inform the Board of any implementation plans that have been developed

    Selection Criteria
    In addition to demonstrating relevant experiences across the core functional areas of responsibility identified in this Position Overview, candidates applying for the CEO role will require a range of personal and professional skills, including:

  • Proven general management skills gained from either a GM/CEO role or a senior management position of a large organisation
  • Proven business or commercial experience and strategic agility
  • Proven communication, public speaking, and negotiation skills
  • Proven leadership and people management experience

 Specialist Knowledge and Experience 

  • Proven leadership experience over a diverse portfolio whether geographically or functionally
  • Proven management experience including planning, operational management, budgeting and managing a team
  • Experience in developing and successfully implementing strategies and plans
  • Strong relationship management skills and the ability to work with a diverse range of stakeholders by sharing relevant information and identifying and dealing with issues effectively
  • Knowledge of the sporting not-for-profit sector and/or national sporting organisation management and/or the Regional Sports Trusts network
  • Ability to make sense of financial information easily and use it to support decision making processes
  • Leadership and Strategic Ability
  • Experience of leading an organisation including developing and communicating vision and strategies, gaining buy-in from a wide range of stakeholders and inspiring people to achieve results
  • Is widely respected and trusted
  • Is calm, confident, decisive, resilient, and objective, especially under pressure
  • Willingness to be accountable and measured on performance
  • Can give and receive constructive feedback to enhance

    Communication and Personal Skills 

  • Can communicate strategies, inspire, and ensure ‘buy in’ from a diverse range of stakeholders across all levels of the game
  • Written and oral presentations and communications are clear, concise, effective, and persuasive
  • Strong listening skills and the ability to encourage and
  • maintain two-way dialogue on issues
  • Relates well with, and can motivate diverse groups
  • Can communicate consistently, openly, and honestly in any platform.
  • BA Honours in administration or equivalent
  • Master’s in business administration (MBA) is an added advantage
  • Minimum – 5 years’ experience in the field
  • A valid driver’s licence – Code 08
  • Successful candidate will be subjected to vetting and screening.

    Application Procedure
    All applications to be sent to:
    Advocate Quentin Donaldson 
    Closing date: 15 September 2021