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Team South Africa is in Birmingham preparing for the 2022 Commonwealth Games. We spent some time with Khanyisa, Lefébre, Tshina, Elmeré and Nicola on what it means to them being at the Games representing South Africa.

What does it mean to you being part of Team SA going to the 2022 Commonwealth Games?
Khanyisa Chawane: Being part of the Commonwealth Games team for the first time is such an honour and privilege for me. Always great to represent the country on a world stage, but this is big and really grateful to be a part of it.
Lefébre Rademan: It is a dream come true! I am so honoured and blessed.
Tshina Mdau: Being part of the SA team going to Commonwealth Games is a dream come true. It’s a goal I have been working towards since I was in varsity and having have reached it is just a so real moment.
Elmeré van der Berg: It is a huge privilege and honour for me to be part of Team SA. I am forever grateful for the opportunity.
Nicola Smith: In 2018 one of my friends went to the Commonwealth Games in Australia for athletics. In my first year at university (in 2019) he gave me a Commonwealth Games towel he received in Australia with the Commonwealth Games badge on. That day I told myself one day I am also going to be part of a Commonwealth Games team and three years later here I am. If you asked me if I ever would’ve thought of playing here in 2022 I would say no. It is such an honour for me to be here with this team.

What is it you would like to achieve as a team at the Commonwealth Games and building up towards 2023?
Khanyisa Chawane: We’ve really been working hard as a team to prepare for the upcoming games so it would be great to find ourselves in the semis and placing, which will give us great directions going into the World Cup.
Lefébre Rademan: To build connections and be fearless. To grow even more in unity with each other.
Tshina Mdau: A medal finish would be a useful indication that we are moving in the right direction as a team.
Elmeré van der Berg: We would like to bring a medal home. That would also be a base for the World Cup in 2023
Nicola Smith: This year we definitely want a podium position at the Commonwealth Games and I truly believe that we are capable of doing it. We really do have the heart and talent for it. Getting a podium position at the Commonwealth Games will most certainly give us even more energy and confidence of performing even better at the upcoming World Cup in Cape Town in 2023.

Achievement on a personal level and memories you want to bring back?
Khanyisa Chawane: What I would really like to achieve this tour, is to enjoy my netball and bring out the best from myself to help achieve the goal of the team. Being part of the team is already a milestone for me and I just want to enjoy every moment.
Lefébre Rademan: I just want to give my best, embrace every moment and be in the moment that will ensure for a lot of memories.
Tshina Mdau: For me right now being named in the team is just so exciting for me to grow my netball onto an international level.
Elmeré van der Berg: I want to play the best netball that I am able to play and I want to make the team proud.
Nicola Smith: Being part of this team and competing in the 2022 Commonwealth Games with them is something I’ve always been dreaming of. I guess my dream has finally come true and now it is time to perform – grabbing every opportunity with both hands and most of all enjoying myself.

Do you have a special message for South Africa?
Khanyisa Chawane: Whatever dream you have, Go for it! Nothing is impossible
Lefébre Rademan: Thank you South Africa for always supporting us. We will do our best to make the country proud.
Elmeré van der Berg: Never give up on your dreams. Everything will work out at the end.
Nicola Smith: Never give up until you reach your dreams. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.